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About Us

Indisolar is in the business of maximizing energy production from PV panels. We design and manufacture automatic, self powered, water less Solar PV cleaner robots for decentralized, rooftop, and utility scale solar power plants.

Our Vision

Enabling greater energy production and lower operating costs to solar PV plant owners.

Our Technology

PV panels produce less than optimal power when not clean. Water based manual cleaning is expensive, incurs recurring cost and environmentally NOT friendly. Apart from posing an electrical hazard, water based cleaning leaves residues, and causes scratches due to scrubbing of panels. With manual cleaning, there is a risk of damaging the AR coating on the panels. Our cleaners employ soft nylon bristled brushes causing no damage to the panels during cleaning operation. No weight or stress is exerted on the main panels.

Automatic And Water Less

Indisolar cleaner robots are self-powered, and automatic. At preset times, the cleaner robot traverses length wise on a rail tube till very end of the panel row and returns to home docking position, completing one cycle. Cleaning is done using specially designed brushes rotating at high speed, lifting the dust away from the panels.

Customized Solutions

The cleaner robots can be retrofitted to suit existing or custom designed for new layouts. We work with our customers and partners from the very beginning of the project life cycle to provide the most cost effective solution for cleaning and O&M.

meet the team

Indisolar's management team comprises of professionals with vast experience in the solar industry with technical expertise in Photo Voltaic system development.


Sunder Raj Nyayapathi

Chairman & Managing Director

An IIT Kharagpur alumnus, has 30 years of business and technical experience and founded successful companies in the past. Sunder manages the product development and business strategy and key administrative functions at Indisolar.


Raj Nyayapathi


Raj has a B.S. in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Bloomington. He heads day to day operations at Indisolar. Raj nurtures special interest in stock markets and has a CMT Level 1 certification.


Rajiv Singh


A professional with a masters degree in engineering from a reputed institute with 14 years of administration, marketing and business development experience. Rajiv manages business strategy, growth, marketing and sales activity at Indisolar.

Our Profile

Our Sample porfolio of cleaner robot installations include

  • Cleaning robotic system on a rooftop plant for a reputed automobile manufacturing company
  • Cleaning robotic system on ground mount PV plant for a major RESCO in India
  • Cleaning robotic system on rooftop PV plant for one of the largest IPP players in India
  • We work with multiple customers both on rooftop, ground mount and elevated rooftop plants, all over India


Power generation from PV panels is adversely affected with soiling and dust. Research suggests that more than 30% of power is lost if the PV panels are not cleaned regularly. Our cleaner’s unique design ensures that the panels produce optimum power every day. We deliver higher energy production at lower operating costs for PV plant owners, with maximized ROI.

Our patent pending automatic cleaner robotic system is suitable for PV plants ranging from a few hundred KW onward to MW scale. Our cleaners deliver assured improvement in power production from solar panels. Modular in design to suit various cleaning widths as per your field layout. Designed for on-the-field and easy maintenance.


Water based cleaning can be hazardous and can result in salt deposition on the panels, if the water is not treated using an RO plant. Scrubbing or wiping can cause abrasion, leaving scratches and even develop micro-cracks on the panel surface. Chances of electrical hazard issues and physical damage are eliminated with our cleaners.

Automatic Cleaning

Completely automatic in operation and starts one cycle at the set time every day or on certain days in a week. One cycle of cleaning comprises of one forward and a reverse traversal of the cleaner robot. The Robot can be operated for ad hoc cleaning, through manual mode as well.

Scratch Free

The cleaner uses high speed, soft, helically wound nylon brushes to swiftly push away the dust from the panels and is 100 % scratch free. The dust is driven away between inter-panel gaps and to the sides of the panels.


Indisolar's products are designed for easy field installation with best-in-class engineering practices.

Zero Maintenance

Our cleaners are designed to be robust and withstand required environmental conditions. Certain consumables like brushes, friction belts, batteries may need replacement after prolonged use. Replacement of consumables can be done on the field with minimal effort and time.

Cost Effective

ROI is less than 3 Years in comparison with water based manual cleaning and other automatic cleaners. The extra amount of energy produced due to daily cleaning ensures maximum energy conversion for your PV plant. The cleaner also features remotely operated ad hoc cleaning that may be needed in desert/very dusty conditions requiring more than one cycle of cleaning per day.


  • Water-less, automatic, daily cleaning
  • Can clean PV arrays with 2 to 6 Meter cleaning widths
  • Does not exert any mechanical stress on the panel surface
  • Maximum power generation with zero soiling losses
  • Unifrom cleaning of every panel
  • Remote operated on-demand cleaning
  • Cleans dried particles and also dew condensation
  • Water-less, automatic, daily cleaning
  • Powered by Rechargeable Li Ion batteries charged by its own PV panels
  • Exerts no mechanical stress/load on the panels
  • Eliminates plumbing and recurring water related costs
  • Has the same life time as that of the plant with maintenance and replacement of certain components
  • Fixed operational costs for the lifetime of PV plant
  • Covered by Standard product Warranty and AMC contracts after warranty period
  • Driven by high torque DC Motor
  • Docked at home position extending beyond the panels, thus not casting shadow on the main panels
  • High speed helical rotary brush
  • Non- abrasive and electrically safe compared to manual and water based cleaning
  • Can be configured to suit tracking or fixed arrays
  • Power optimized electronic controller with SCADA and reporting capability
  • PC/laptop based application software for SCADA
  • Operates using radio frequency for operation and control of individual robots in the solar farm
  • Cloud storage and dashboard presentation capability


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